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ReadSmart Formatting


Formatted by ReadSmart, your direct mail will be read with more comprehension and more retention. As a result, your message will be more memorable and generate greater response. ReadSmart is perfect for anyone with copy-rich content who wishes to increase readability, affinity, comprehension, — resulting in an increase in response and engagement. Increase your response rates, get more first-time buyers, bigger purchases, and increased gift sizes!


Direct mail marketers know they must deliver a powerful and meaningful message to stand out in today's world. With the costs of postal mail continuing to rise and response rates across the board declining, what could you do with an up to 20% increase in income per piece mailed? ReadSmart has been thorougly tested in hundreds of thousands of pieces mailed and consistently outperforms the control.
Here are a few of our results:

Graphs showing improved results


RHA is proud to be an approved provider for direct mail formatting with ReadSmart technology. Contact your RHA customer service or sales representatives today to discuss using this revolutionary program.


You send us your native art files via email or FTP transmission. Each document is custom-analyzed, creating a unique library of the words and phrases you use. ReadSmart then makes small changes to the spacing between letters, words, the size of words, and line endings based on the linguistic, psychological, and informational properties of the text in order to optimize your message. After 48 hours you will receive print-ready ReadSmart-Formatted PDFs returned via email or FTP.


ReadSmart technology is based on the science of how the brain most efficiently processes written words and sentences. The ReadSmart team of experts in linguistics, psychology, neuroscience, and computer science have developed software algorithms to subtly improve the arrangement of text on the printed or digital page, which facilitates specific eye-movements resulting in greater comprehension. More importantly, ReadSmart makes no changes to vocabulary, word order, or grammar — layout, fonts, sentences, paragraphs, and other structures are unchanged. Your author's words and your designer's design choices are maintained.

For more information on this cutting edge technology, visit the ReadSmart website at ReadSmart.com
Developed and tested over the past 20 years, ReadSmart technology is now at your service.