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Postal Minimizer ™

No matter what size mailing, small or large, the Postal Minimizer™ helps RHA customers realize the deepest postal discounts available. Postal rates increased again on May 11, 2009. The only good news is that there are still substantial discounts for entry point deliveries!

A Truckload of Savings

"Entry Point" discounts are postal discounts offered by the USPS to organizations that transport their mail to Bulk Mail Centers (BMC’s). Steeper discounts can be realized at even more localized destinations named Sectional Center Facilities (SCF’s).

Postal Minimizer
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Our service uses a combination of straight BMC entry point deliveries as well as co-mingling or even co-palletization to force mail to the SCF level whenever possible. We even utilize multiple sources of transportation for optimum savings. The Postal Minimizer™ analyzes all these possibilities and RHA’s data division utilizes this analysis to logistically plan our sorting process to maximize your savings.

If that wasn’t enough, there are additional advantages to our entry point delivery services. Studies show that a larger percentage of your mail will actually be delivered because of less manual handling. And, even better, your mail arrives in-home much faster.

Take Advantage of RHA’s Postal Minimizer™ * If this program doesn’t cut your postage costs, our service is free!